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If it's great, it's because the buyer was brave. Ideas are easy. Executing is hard. What's on the page matters. Art is not a competition.  Speed gives you the luxury to slow down for what will actually make a difference. Experience means you know what that is. Comedy should be more than funny. Collaboration is bad when it lowers the bar. Find ways to say yes. Everybody should have a voice, but leaders need to lead. Crazy is contagious, like a yawn. You can make anybody believe whatever you want by tricking them with principles of psychology. Fresh is a gift. No one is entitled to anything. There is no substitute for work. Chase the story. Be the ball.


Denise is a highly accomplished Senior Executive and Entrepreneur with more than 30 years of success in the healthcare, tech, retail, restaurants, consumer-facing, B2B, e-commerce, financial, insurance, and digital industries.


Leveraging extensive experience in branding with business relevancy, inspiration, and swagger, Denise is a valuable asset for midsize companies seeking expert assistance with a brand restructuring: initial steps, the best approach, costing, internal implications, and solutions. Her key areas of expertise include business strategy, marketing strategy, writing, coaching, and multi-platform marketing.

Denise is Founder of House United LLC, a company that works at the intersection of strategy and activation, and works with clients directly, or with agencies as their partners in concert with the clients, all with no tangle. House United provides services to both agencies and brands directly and connects them with a network of affiliate talent when needed. The company philosophy is that most brands are adept at in-house tactical management, but at 30,000 feet, they need outside leadership and creative direction. Denise holds a BA in Art History, with minors in Military History and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She sits on Advisory Boards of startups requiring confidentiality until they go public. Denise is heavily involved with non-profits and advocacy groups and was the strategist behind the 2012 Effie award-winning campaign "No One Deserves to Die" for Lung Cancer Alliance in the Disease Awareness and Education category, and winner of a 2013 international Jay Chiat Strategy award, non-profit category.