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I read a lot so you don’t have to.

I’ve always read a lot, tested theory with practice, and continuously improved strategic approach, messaging and creative strategy with what actually works in real-life marketing situations. Most people who just think don’t do, most people that do learn by experience. You have here the mash of both, with a drizzle of only slightly sarcastic fun.

All The Other Marketing Books Are Crap is for brand side people, agency people, profs, students, and anyone who wants to know how to think in the Zone. What is the Zone? It’s marketing flow, like a merchant ninja of commerce who manipulates masses with a hunch and a nod to operations folks. To wield your unique power, buy the book, read the book and practice the book. It can save your professional life.

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Like the book? Want to share the concepts, hands on, with key people in your organization so you can live in the Zone? Let’s talk.

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Like the book? Do you need a speaker for an event? Yes, Denise can speak like she writes, and can customize the talk to your event. Let’s talk..

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Like the book? Denise facilitates one, two and three day sessions on site, with a session recap and optional strategic recommendation as deliverable. Let’s talk.